Dawn Holmberg Carrillo

Profile Updated: October 9, 2009
Dawn Holmberg
Residing In: Little Falls, MN USA
Occupation: Pastoral Minister
Children: Corina- 26 years old
Desmond- 24 years old
Nica- 19 years old
Oliver- 17 years old
Gabriel- More…6 years old
Yes! Attending Reunion

Those of you that remember me may also remember that I moved to Minnesota in the middle of our junior year- December of 1975. Minnesota is where I am from originally, and is where all my family lives. Since then, I have been in Minnesota most of the time, though I have traveled extensively.
The years have flown by with raising my children, educating myself, and just LIFE! I have a Master's Degree in Theology and now work as a lay minister in a church by St. Cloud, MN. I am working toward a PhD and hope to teach and research for the rest of my life...

School Story:

The years at Mt. Gap and at Grissom were such formative ones for me, for all of us. In particular, experiences with band- the trips, the performances, the games, the practices (ugh!). Band at Grissom, I have realized, was our life. Having moved to a small town in Minnesota in the middle of it has shown me over and over how much I learned from this experience, and what a good musician I had to be to keep up! It has served me well in life, time and time again, as difficult as it was...

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